RasPlex 1.0.3 release

March 02, 2016

1.0.3 is Here!


  • Raspberry Pi 3 support
  • Play from here added to episodes context menu on home screen


  • Fixes use of cache when loading preplay screen
  • Fixes subtitle selection for transcoded media and after a vobsub has been selected
  • Use same subtitle name format as Plex Web
  • Smaller gui updates to video osd, codec info and preferences in default skin
  • Fixes for crashes on application shutdown
  • FFmpeg updated to 2.4.13
  • OpenVPN updated to 2.3.10
  • Base OS packages synced with OpenELEC 6.0.2
  • Updated Linux kernel to 4.1.18 and latest RPi firmware

Check out the full release notes:


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