Dale Hamel - Project Lead / Creator

website - void_ptr


Kwiboo is the current lead developer on the Rasplex and OpenPHT projects - massive thanks to him for keeping this project alive - As well as OpenPHT


Lionel “LongChair” Chazallon deserves a special mention.

LongChair was the first community member to join the RasPlex support channel. He started out as a tester, but since then his knowledge of Git, Linux, and the XBMC / Plex core code has grown to a staggering degree. He’s been responsible for many performance tweaks, and has provided a great deal of leadership to the project. While other devs have come and gone, LongChair has always been around - staying up to insane hours of the night - tweaking performance and shaving off a few seconds here and there to get the GUI to be as fast as it is.

You’ll probably see LongChair on the forums, in live chat, or triaging Github Issues. If you do, make sure to thank him for all his hard work!

RasPlex Core Team

these guys are the unsung heros of RasPlex. They deserve your praise, as they work insanely hard to make RasPlex better.

If you see them in chat or on the forums, please take a moment to thank them for their hard work.

  • Lawrence Popa - magnumdoomguy (Also for the Aeon Nox Skin for OpenPHT/Rasplex)
  • deadeyeflint (Also for the Plex Black Edition Skin for OpenPHT/Rasplex)
  • bkury
  • dlanor
  • ninjabem
  • dan-the-man
  • Andreas Weinlein - a_wein
  • Robert Buhren - weelkin

and NedtheNerd (Rest In Peace)

RasPlex Hackers

  • Patrik Dahlström - Risca
  • Jason Hayes - jasonhayes
  • James Booker - jbooker
  • Marc Massey - ElMassman
  • Anil Daoud - anild
  • Jay Smith - jsmith
  • Guy Westbrook - guyldn

RasPlex Community

  • Everyone who has tried RasPlex
  • Everyone on the RasPlex forums
  • Our donors! You know who you are : )

Special Thanks