What is RasPlex

RasPlex is an Entertainment Center Solution for Raspberry Pi

Simply put, RasPlex lets you turn your TV into a Smart TV. Similar to the AppleTV, but completely free and open source, RasPlex is basically a set-top box that lets you play content from your computer or smartphone to your TV.

RasPlex is a Plex Client

More technically stated, RasPlex was a complete port of Plex Home Theater for Raspberry Pi. Since October 2015, when Plex Inc abandoned PHT, the Rasplex Team continued to build on its success by moving the code base to later versions of Kodi and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. RasPlex currently uses LibreELEC as it’s base OS.

RasPlex is the Perfect Companion to a Plex Media Server

Many people will use expensive computers or set top boxes as Plex Clients, or have to go through the inconvenient of plugging a computer in to their TV every time they want to use Plex. With RasPlex, just plug it in and you’re media is always ready. Put one on every TV, and have your media everywhere! You can even put RasPlex on your friend’s TV’s, and watch your media remotely.