Our Mission

RasPlex fights for the Users

RasPlex will be the best, cheapest, and most accessible client for Plex Media Server.

It is absolutely critical to also to keep the project community driven, free to download and use, and completely open source. The community has nurtured RasPlex to where it is today, RasPlex belongs to you!

RasPlex means business

By supporting RasPlex with donations, or by purchasing a heavily discounted case and preflahed SD card (once they become available), you are investing in improving RasPlex. Your contribution goes towards fixing bugs and adding features.

Funds are used for hardware expenses, as “bounty” for developers, and to pay various bills.

We want RasPlex to be used everywhere, on every TV.

RasPlex everywhere

All funds taken in are reinvested in RasPlex - Dale takes nothing out (and in fact pays a lot of the expenses out of pocket). I want to see how big it can get. I want it everywhere. I want everyone using RasPlex to turn every TV in their house into a Smart TV, and to have their media, their way.

I want to kill AppleTV. RasPlex is already a superset of Kodi functionality, and surpasses the Roku and Apple TV4 in terms of features and price, only with a much nicer GUI (which is skinable), and completely FOSS.

Queue world domination music.

RasPlex belongs to YOU. Take what is yours!

We built RasPlex for you, so try it today. Post on our forums. Drop by our chat. Fork us on github. Help us see how far this project can go, and how big it can get. Thank you for your support,

-Dale Hamel

Creator, Lead developer of RasPlex