RasPlex 1.7.1 release

November 28, 2016

1.7.1 is Here!

This release includes fixes and new features for issues reported with the previous releases


  • Improved Streaming Brain support
  • Improved iOS companion support
  • Support for showing imdb rating
  • Preference option to include watched in watch later and recommended
  • Skin option to hide fanart in library
  • Lots of skinning engine and other improvements: (thanks @bkury )
  • Mouse Support
  • New preference category for OpenPHT options
  • Preference option to stack recently added
  • Preference option to disable preplay screen based on content
  • Added reboot option on supported systems (default skin)
  • Support for 3rd-party Kodi remote apps (e.g. Yatse)
  • FileManager and SystemInfo support (requires skin support)
  • Quick filter support (requires skin support)
  • V.L. System M-Play Blast remote support
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks @NicolaIsotta )
  • Updated help and version branding (now say OpenPHT instead of XBMC on command line)
  • Updated to ffmpeg 2.8.8


  • Performance/smoothness and CPU usage optimizations (fixed cpu spike when browsing library)
  • Fix search window focus issue
  • Fix reconnecting to the adapter upon libcec callback CEC_ALERT_CONNECTION_LOST
  • Fix typo (‘Video resolution to large’ now ‘Video resolution too large’)
  • Fix missing overlay/episode info for focused deck item
  • Fix selected item when returning to home window
  • Allow shared servers to be used as best server (fixes channel issue when only shared servers is available)
  • Only use best server service lookup for myplex clips
  • Fix for broken music volume with Apple Remote (thanks @WN1188 )
  • Update to linux 4.4.30 and latest rpi firmware
  • Fix for mixed content in photo libraries

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