RasPlex Installers


Simply download, and run as administrator.


Simply download, mount dmg, run installer and enter password when prompted with SD card inserted.


Download, and run as root with SD card inserted and unmounted.

Note: Must run in X11 session

Note: for 32 bit linux, use the 32 bit installer

Stuff you should have

  • A Raspberry Pi computer Model B 512MB or Model B+ 512MM or a Model B2 1024MB, Pi 3 or Pi Zero
  • A case to protect your Raspberry Pi (optional)
  • A 4GB Class 10 SD (Model B) or MicroSD (Model B+ and B2 or better) card with compatible reader or better
  • A USB micro power supply (should be at least 2A at 5v, if you experience crashing it’s probably because you have a bad power supply or poor quality USB power cable)
  • An HDMI cord

You will probably want

  • A remote control see our FAQ for ways to control rasplex

Reporting problems

Please kindly report any issues you encounter against the github repo

GetRasplex Installers

They will handle:

  • Downloading the latest (or any selected) version of RasPlex for either the RPi1 (Raspberry Pi B 512 or B+, Pi Zero) or RPi2 (for Raspberry Pi B2 1024, Pi 3)
  • Flashing it to SD card

If these installers do not work for you, you can use our legacy download instructions.

Want to help?

The installers are open source, and available on github. Thanks Patrik for getting the ball rolling on this!

If you have ideas to improve them, but can’t help code, post the in the forums!