RasPlex 1.0.1 release

December 01, 2015

1.0.1 is Here!


  • Fixes downmix, use the boost center setting to control how much of the center channel should be mixed
  • Rotten Tomatoes rating now only shows when audience rating has a value
  • Videos with vorbis audio codec is no longer forced transcoded
  • The home menu used when “Hide Quit and Shut Down in menu” is selected now works correctly
  • Fixes Segmentation Fault when USB-CEC adapter attached
  • Hyperion updated to latest
  • Linux kernel 4.1.13 and latest RPi firmware

Check out the full release notes:


Big thanks to Kwiboo for leading the charge on this release, and our beta team for working hard to ensure it’s polished and ready to roll!

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