Fresh New Look

April 13, 2014

New paint job

We’ve given the website a fresh new look, finally updating our stylesheets after about a year.

New blog!

We’ve finally added a blog for RasPlex, and will be incorporating various social outlets into the blog very soon.

New backend

You probably won’t be able to tell, but we’ve completely changed how the website is generated. The site started out being hosted using a CMS called “modx”, but to save money we replaced it with a static version of that site.

But it’s a pretty big pain working with a pure static website, so we converted this output into a Jekyll site that is now almost entirely powered by markdown.

New Content

Now that the website is much easier to manage, we’ve gone and updated a lot of the content. We’ll be making a point of doing this much more regularly.

RasPlex 1.8.0 release

# 1.8.0 is Here for Rasplex and OpenPHT!This release includes fixes and new features for issues reported with the previous releasesNew:- ...… Continue reading

RasPlex 1.7.1 release

Published on November 28, 2016

RasPlex 1.6.1 release

Published on June 16, 2016