RasPlex 1.6.1 release

June 16, 2016

1.6.1 is Here!

This release includes fixes for issues reported with the 1.6.0 release and updates to the default skin.


  • Skin option to add Play File to home menu in default skin
  • Updates to default skin (thanks @magnumdoomguy)
    • Skin option to Hide Thumbnails for Unwatched Episodes
    • Added Portrait Posters for Home Videos
    • Added Landscape Posters for Home Videos On Deck/Recently Added
    • Added Categories to Skin Settings
    • Cleanup of unused skin code
  • Update some Italian strings (thanks @robello84)


  • Fix Plex Companion app connection issues (RasPlex/OpenPHT#69)
  • Fix hevc typo in RPi 720p check (RasPlex/RasPlex#501)
  • Fix RasPlex/OpenPHT causing PMS to crash on plugin usage (RasPlex/RasPlex#492)
  • Workaround for crash related to plex companion and screensaver (RasPlex/OpenPHT#75)
  • Fix selecting/starting an item in a channel list sometime selects/starts the first item (RasPlex/OpenPHT#63)
  • Prevent playing wrong item using Play Button with Channel Items (RasPlex/OpenPHT#44)
  • Enable use of harfbuzz with libass (RasPlex/RasPlex#482)
  • Use overlay image to determine watched / unwatched state (RasPlex/OpenPHT#77)
  • Fix play/pause in keymaps (RasPlex/OpenPHT#80)
  • Only show addon update notification when addon is in use
  • Fix ListItem usage in onload and onunload window actions
  • Update to linux 4.4.13 and latest rpi firmware

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