Why RasPlex

Your media, your way

RasPlex is the perfect companion to a Plex Server. Lightweight, affordable, and amply capable.

At about half the price of an AppleTV, RasPlex supports integration with your Apple devices and iTunes - even airplay.

How many times have you wanted to show your friends a YouTube video, or play a song on your surround sound, but had to struggle with hookups? With RasPlex, just send it to Airplay and look like a technology wizard.

But it doesn’t stop there. RasPlex is platform independent. It works with Macs, Windows, and even Linux media servers. Just install the Plex Media Server, and get your music, movies, on any TV connected to your RasPlex home entertainment system. Your media. Your way.

Be the envy of your Friends!

After following the simple steps to set up a Plex Media Server, you won’t ever have to worry about keeping your media organized! Plex will take care of downloading DVD covers, episode descriptions, fan art - even metadata such as genres and actors! Rather than browsing through a disorganized list of files, search by actor, or watch recently added TV shows. With Plex and RasPlex, you can start a movie on in your den, then resume it at the same point in your room before you go to bed! Plex brings your media to life, and RasPlex makes it affordable to turn any TV into a smart TV. You can even bring RasPlex with you, and watch your movies at a friends house! Or, just give a RasPlex box to your friends, and share your media with them. You can even share pictures and music.

Complete entertainment solution

RasPlex has support for Plex Channels, such as iPlayer, Crackle, and many more!

Your media is ready when you are

Rather than spending a lot of money on an expensive computer to act as a Plex client on your TV, or having to plug in your laptop every time you want to watch something, use RasPlex. The Raspberry Pi hardware is so inexpensive that you can just leave it always hooked up - on every TV in your house - and always have your media ready to go without playing with cords or shelling out for an overpowered computer. If you have any computers with Kodi, OpenELEC or Plex Home Theatre in your house, you can replace them with RasPlex!

RasPlex is Open

As a completely Open Source platform, you’ll never have to jailbreak RasPlex to do what you want with it. RasPlex is meant to be modded, and really good mods will be integrated into RasPlex core.

RasPlex is built on the proven reliability and power of Kodi, and is a superset of Kodi functionality.