RasPlex 1.6.0 release

June 06, 2016

1.6.0 is Here!

This release brings lots of improvements to the playback engine backported from Kodi Jarvis 16.1. It is also the first release where OpenPHT and RasPlex is truly merged into one shared code base. RasPlex is now more of a branding of the OpenPHT-Embedded builds for Raspberry Pi devices.

Important new features includes the addition of mmal decoding and support for installing/updating skins directly from the select skin dialog.


  • Updated branding and new splash screen
  • Transcode audio to AC3 for use with optical out
  • Improved gapless music support
  • Better 3D support
  • Preference option to disable preplay screen
  • Skin option to disable window and dialog fade animations
  • Music OSD added to default skin
  • Preference option to disable server side scaling of fanart and photos
  • Support for downloading, installing and updating supported skins in preferences
  • Updated seek handling with support for adaptive seeking and preview images
  • Previous menu and back button now switches to fullscreen when media is playing on home screen and vice versa
  • Support for MMAL decoding - now supports HiFiBerry/IQ DACs and USB device audio across all media
  • Transcode media larger then 1080p
  • Direct play of HEVC up to 720p
  • Exprimental Bluetooth Audio support - works without issue on RPi3, on RPi0/1/2 with BT dongle it is dependant on the make of dongle which must support BT V4.1 at minimum


  • Fix filtered episodes view in default skin
  • Fix a shuffle all / create play queue issue
  • Fix a shoutcast redirect issue
  • Fix shoutcast stream title when ffmpeg avio is enabled
  • Fix audio and subtitle selection for media with multiple media items or parts
  • Avoid getting stuck in dim state when skin is reloaded
  • Fix wrong icon highlight and window switch in preferences menu
  • Font fixes for a common crash in windows version
  • Reset screen saver timer in plex http handler
  • Fix search result title in default skin
  • Fix pre-cache of bigThumb art

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