RasPlex 1.0.2 release

February 01, 2016

1.0.2 is Here!


  • Added Skin option to show shutdown/restart for managed users
  • Added Preferences option to show watched items in recently added fanout
  • Added Preferences option to hide channels from main menu
  • Added go to show/season to context menu for episodes


  • Added support for shared channels for managed users (need to enable in PMS/Users)
  • Support for libdcadec to decode DTS-HD MA to 8 channel LPCM (disable DTS capable receiver and enable DTS decode in Preferences)
  • Updated default CEC remote keymap for Guide/Info and color buttons:
    • Guide/Info button = contextmenu/info
    • Red button = fullscreen (to get back to now playing if you have exited without stopping media playback)
    • Green button = osd
    • Yellow button = info
    • Blue button = contextmenu/codecinfo
  • Rendering improvements to speed up navigation and playback
  • Show correct artist for tracks with other artists i.e. Various Artists tracks
  • Update now playing visualization showing correct track artist and artist/album/track order
  • Show all filter and sort options for home movies
  • Rotten Tomatoes was still showing for movies that did not have correct data from PMS if you have rated the movie
  • Fixed a Plex Home user switching bug involving previous menu action
  • Ensures plex.tv sign in pin is no longer truncated to … if it is too wide
  • All built-in visualization except now playing is removed, they did not work or caused crashes
  • dca-ma, theora, vp6, vp8 and vp6f are now known codecs
  • Updated Hyperion to latest
  • Base system upgraded to OpenELEC 6.0.1
  • Updated Linux kernel to 4.1.16 and latest RPi firmware

Check out the full release notes:


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